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If you are a researcher interested in our work you can contact us and our team will explain more in detail the advantages of being a part of our community.
Our mission is to take advantages of our Research Hub and all the available tools. We aim to reduce your business complexity in analysing the IT World, minimizing spending and staying always tuned with the last trends.
Our ambition is to build a bridge between the academic and the business side. For this reason our database is built on the know-how of researchers who share the value and the spirit of a digital community.
With the subscription to our Digital Research Hub you have access both to the internal database but also to different tools and services such as GINeVRA on demand. As a GINeVRA member, you can contact our team to discuss your ideas and they will support you to choose the right documents from the database or to create a report according to your need.
A specific section in our database is dedicated to the researchers with the possibility to search for the name of an academic of interest.

A specialised team: A team that understands your business priorities and challenges. Your GINeVRA team acts as glue, a binding agent between your company and the academic research, contextualizing the research in alignment with your requests and timing, so you can take the right decisions, at the right moment.